Blogs: The team on the ground – the authorised versions

As the full international observation team begins to assemble in Hargeisa for the district and council elections on 28 November, Steve Kibble has sent some early dispatches.

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Event: 4th Hargeisa International Book Fair

The fourth Hargeisa International Book Fair (HIBF) will take place on 22-26 July 2011.

HIBF is the main cultural event in Somaliland and one of the largest public celebrations of books in East Africa. Every July, HIBF brings writers, poets, artists and thinkers from Somaliland and from all over the world to share and discuss their art and [...]

Press release: Moving Libraries 2011

Redsea-online Cultural Foundation and its partners Kayd and Ilays, in collaboration with other Somaliland cultural organisations, present the ‘moving library’ tour as an integral part of the upcoming Hargeisa International Book Fair (HIBF) 2011.

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Paper: Taxation, Political Accountability, and Foreign Aid: Lessons from Somaliland

Taxation, Political Accountability and Foreign Aid, a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Development Studies by Nicholas Eubank from Stanford says that Somaliland’s lack of eligibility for foreign aid has led to greater government accountability because of its dependency on local tax revenues. He argues that this has: “provided those outside the government with the leverage [...]

Press release: Somaliland’s women praised for building democracy

Women and young people are playing a key role in building a democratic society in Somaliland, says a report on Somaliland’s 2010 presidential elections by the international election observation team.

Sucaad Odowa-Nielsen, a member of the Somaliland diaspora in the UK who participated as an election observer, described the contribution of women to campaigning as “well-organised, resourceful [...]

Election Observers 2010: Conrad Heine

Conrad Heine was the media co-ordinator for the International Election Observer team.

[Originally published in The Economist Online]

“TO QUOTE one of my more knowledgeable colleagues: “Elections are funny things. Highly technical and procedural exercises that are yet filled with emotion and rhetoric.” During Britain’s recent election, emotion ran short. In Somaliland, it is present in spades. An [...]

Election Observers 2010: Cecilia Milesi

Cecilia Milesi is an Argentine citizen based in the UK.

“I just feel delighted to be part of this historical moment for Somaliland and the region. Since I start studying this country, I fell nothing but admiration for Somaliland’s pragmatism, courage and creativity to form a unique political system which combines indigenous and western models towards state [...]