Report: Somaliland: Change and continuity

Somaliland: Change and continuity

Report by International Election Observers on the June 2010 presidential elections in Somaliland

This in-depth report, authored by Steve Kibble and Michael Walls, joint co-ordinators of the mission, goes into detail on the conduct of the mission and the presidential poll, and makes recommendations for the conduct of future polls in Somaliland. It details the [...]

Event: Somaliland: the way forward, 18 May 2011

After a peaceful election and transfer of power, May 2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of Somaliland’s declaration of independence. At this event, participants presented the findings of the international election observer meeting, assessed Somaliland’s progress over the past 20 years and discussed its future. The meeting launched both the observers report and the book Somaliland: the [...]

Press release: Somaliland’s women praised for building democracy

Women and young people are playing a key role in building a democratic society in Somaliland, says a report on Somaliland’s 2010 presidential elections by the international election observation team.

Sucaad Odowa-Nielsen, a member of the Somaliland diaspora in the UK who participated as an election observer, described the contribution of women to campaigning as “well-organised, resourceful [...]

Radio: Election observers – the New Zealand angle

Radio Live (New Zealand) interviewed Michael Walls and Conrad Heine of Somaliland Focus from Hargeisa just after the presidential election. Click here [...]

An interview with Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar

On August 4th 2010, Somaliland Focus chaired a meeting at Chatham House, at which Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, spoke about the post-presidential election environment. We spoke with Dr Omar afterwards.

As Foreign Minister in Somaliland’s new cabinet, what do you see as Somaliland’s main needs from the perspective of your new position, and what [...]

Press release: A new president for Somaliland

A new president for Somaliland

Somaliland’s new president inaugurated in Hargeisa following final confirmation of June election results Progressio, the Development Planning Unit at University College London (UCL) and [...]

Paper: Another successful election in Somaliland

A new paper co-authored by Michael Walls has been published:

Another Successful Election in Somaliland. Michael Walls and Sally Healy, Chatham House Briefing Note, [...]

Election Observers 2010: Ed Hobey

Ed ‘The Mole’ Hobey was IEO Logistics Co-ordinator.

“I must admit that my first thought on landing in Hargeisa was ‘what have I got myself into?’ I had spent the past few weeks trying to explain to my ever-worrying mum the difference between Somalia and Somaliland. I had reassured her that – after years of civil war [...]

Election Observers 2010: Steve Kibble

Dr Steve Kibble is Policy and Advocacy Coordinator – Africa, Middle East and Asia at Progressio and was Joint IEO Co-ordinator.

“Given this was a presidential election there was bound to be a personal focus on the three candidates and their running mates. Indeed policy stuff was not really present and where it was it was often [...]

Slideshow: Somaliland’s presidential elections

A slideshow (with commentary) on Somaliland and the presidential elections, featuring images by Claudia Simoes of the 2010 IEO mission, has been published on The Economist online:

Somaliland’s presidential elections: A small corner [...]

Article: Somaliland expects

Ignored by the world, Somaliland’s peaceful elections were aided by press freedom unparalleled in the region. Will international recognition follow? Asks Sarah Howard, IEO in 2005 and 2010, in an article on Index on [...]

Election Observers 2010: Conrad Heine

Conrad Heine was the media co-ordinator for the International Election Observer team.

[Originally published in The Economist Online]

“TO QUOTE one of my more knowledgeable colleagues: “Elections are funny things. Highly technical and procedural exercises that are yet filled with emotion and rhetoric.” During Britain’s recent election, emotion ran short. In Somaliland, it is present in spades. An [...]

Election Observers 2010: Howard Knight

“Immediately outside the Hotel Maan Soor there are eight pomegranate trees. At dusk I had watched hundreds of small birds land in the trees to roost overnight. There would then be all sorts of squabbles breaking out for the next hour as they sorted themselves out. Eventually they would settle down; but then it was time [...]

Election Observers 2010: Cecilia Milesi

Cecilia Milesi is an Argentine citizen based in the UK.

“I just feel delighted to be part of this historical moment for Somaliland and the region. Since I start studying this country, I fell nothing but admiration for Somaliland’s pragmatism, courage and creativity to form a unique political system which combines indigenous and western models towards state [...]

Election Observers 2010: Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali is a British Somali scholar living in the UK.

“My last time in Somaliland was ten years ago when I was involved with the establishment of the University of Hargeisa. Today, I am very happy to find out that the university has grown as a fully functioning institution.

I have also been impressed by the orderly [...]