Election Observers 2010: Conrad Heine

Conrad Heine was the media co-ordinator for the International Election Observer team.

[Originally published in The Economist Online]

“TO QUOTE one of my more knowledgeable colleagues: “Elections are funny things. Highly technical and procedural exercises that are yet filled with emotion and rhetoric.” During Britain’s recent election, emotion ran short. In Somaliland, it is present in spades. An [...]

Election Observers 2010: Sarah Howard

Since the 2005 parliamentary elections, the international recognition that was expected to follow has not materialised. 2010 is another chance for Somalilanders to show the world their real commitment to peace and democracy, and trust the world notices. Here’s hoping that Somaliland’s peaceful elections will be ranked alongside the World Cup as good news from Africa [...]

Election Observers 2010: Aly Verjee

“Elections are funny things. Highly technical and procedural exercises that are yet filled with emotionand rhetoric. Logistically sophisticated endeavours which ultimately can be quite simple and sometimes stark in the outcomes produced. I’ve seen polls in a few transition countries – DR Congo in 2006, Sudan in 2010 – and invariably voters’ expectations are high; change, [...]

Somaliland Focus

Established in 2005, Somaliland Focus aims to raise awareness of the democratic achievements of Somaliland.

We have co-organised the international election observation team for three elections in Somaliland, alongside Progressio and UCL’s Development Planning Unit:

2005 parliamentary elections
2010 presidential elections
and 2012 local elections

Members are individuals with personal and/ or professional interests in Somaliland, including those from the Somaliland [...]