Reports, papers and briefing notes

The following publications are available for download:

Relationship between Somaliland media and government marked by distrust and ill-will Michael Walls, Medeshi, June 26th 2014

Swerves on the road: Report by International Election Observers on the 2012 local elections in Somaliland Steve Kibble and Michael Walls, Progressio, June 2013

Preparing for local elections in Somaliland: Plans, challenges and progress Steve Kibble and Michael Walls, Progressio, August 2012

Where To For Somali State-Building Since London and Istanbul Conferences? Dr Michael Walls, e-IR, July 2012

International engagement in Somalia: Lessons from Somaliland? Dr Michael Walls, UCL, February 2012

Somaliland: Proof that aid doesn’t work? Dr Michael Walls, UCL, February 2012

Somaliland: Change and Continuity (Report of the international observation team to the 2010 presidential elections).  Steve Kibble, Michael Walls et al, May 2011

Another Successful Election in Somaliland. Michael Walls and Sally Healy, Chatham House Briefing Note, July 2010

Beyond Polarity: Negotiating a Hybrid State in Somaliland. Michael Walls and Steve Kibble. Africa Spectrum, July 2010

Identity, Stability and the State in Somaliland: Indigenous Forms and External Interventions. Michael Walls and Steve Kibble, presented at University of St Andrews, 24-25 March 2010 (205KB pdf)

Somaliland: Democracy Threatened. Michael Walls, Chatham House Briefing Note, September 2009

The Emergence of a Somali State: Building Peace from Civil War in Somaliland. Michael Walls, African Affairs 2009

Somalia/ Somaliland : Territory, State and Nation. Steve Kibble, Progressio, lecture at Kings College 13th February 2007

Constitutional Crisis and the Challenge of Theocracy: Somaliland’s Urgent Challenges. Michael Walls, October 2006 (72KB pdf)

Thoughts on elections and post-elections: a Somaliland/UK civil society perspective. Steve Kibble & Adan Abokor. Paper presented to SOPRI Washington DC conference, 8-10 September 2006 (240KB PDF)

Briefing to the inaugural meeting of the APPG on Somaliland. Steve Kibble, 28 June 2006

Further steps to democracy: report of international election observers on the 2005 parliamentary elections. Adan Abokor et al, 2006 (300KB pdf)

Somalia: The Roots of Reconciliation – Peace Making Endeavours of Contemporary Lineage Leaders: A Survey of Grassroots Peace Conferences in ‘Somaliland’, Ahmed Yusuf Farah with I.M. Lewis,  ActionAid report, 1993 (2.2Mb pdf – note large file size. File will start to download immediately.)

IMPORTANT: Notes from meetings are intended to provide an indication of the issues covered and views expressed. Somaliland Focus (UK) does not endeavour to ensure that meeting participants reflect only views that are accepted by the organisation as a whole. Consequently, the comments made in meetings and records thereof represent only the personal positions of the speakers/contributers and should not be construed as being those of Somaliland Focus (UK).