Independent Thinking and Lobbying on Somaliland

  1. To work in partnership with the Somaliland diaspora to lobby policymakers and stakeholders with interests in Somaliland
  2. To provide and distribute information on Somaliland to interested parties in the UK and wider European Union, in particular opinion formers, policymakers and other stakeholders
  3. To promote public awareness of the situation in Somaliland and the needs of Somalilanders
  4. To promote recognition of Somaliland’s democratisation process and international acknowledgement of the country’s achievements as a coherent political entity
  5. To support Somaliland’s progress towards state-building and social and economic development
  6. To encourage awareness of and vigilance on human rights, freedom of information, and the empowerment of women and minority groups
  7. To promote increased assistance to and cooperation with the government, parliament and people of Somaliland
  8. To liaise with like-minded bodies in other parts of the world on issues facing Somaliland and Somalilanders, in order to best utilise available resources.