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Bespoke software needn't be as expensive if you start with a basic Customer Relations Management software package and adapt it to meet your business requirements.

Or you can have totally tailor made software designed to your specific business needs.

About us

ATI Software was formed in 1994 by Ed Coxon, an experienced independent software developer, specialising in business information systems (Databases) for small to medium size businesses, and deployed using 4th Dimension.

Bespoke 4D Software Development by ATI

What we do

Software systems can be tailor-made to a customer's detailed business requirements, integrating with web, email and accounting systems so that the resulting system is a true business fit.

Or a lower cost option is to use our basic customer relations management software package. You can chose which features you require, have them adapted to your needs and - if necessary - have additional features developed to your specific requirements.

Both options can be deployed as single user or multiple users on both PC and Macs.

Maintenance and enhancement of existing 4D systems.

Products & Services


Ed Coxon has worked for large blue chip companies in the past, and specialised in large and very large database projects in a number of industries, around Europe, including motor manufacturer, credit card, supermarket, film distribution, oil, computer manufacturing, local government, airline, and photocopier manufacturing.

Using those skills and experience he decided that he would prefer to work with smaller companies, which would enable him to have a much more personal relationship to a project and the customer.

His depth of knowledge and expertise can enable him to understand and rationalise customer's businesses quickly and then analysis, design, code, implement and install, backed up with maintenance and support.

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